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Avoid eating corn if you have any of these medical conditions

It's that season of the year again where millions of people in Nigeria and Africa as a whole consume corn, because of its sweet taste and high availability.

Maize also known as corn is a type of grain of the species Zea mays. Corn can be eaten by either boiling or roasting. It is the major ingredient in popcorn production, it can also be used in the manufacturing of beverages like cornflakes.

Food nutritionist have revealed that excessive consumption of corn can be perilous to the body especially when you are suffering from the following health conditions:

1. Diabetes mellitus:

This is a medical condition characterized by varying or persistent hyperglycemia, especially after eating. Hyperglycemia is an unusually high concentration of sugar In the blood which could result from excessive intake of carbohydrate containing foods. Corn is a carbohydrate food that contains starch, taking it on a regular basis can result to hyperglycemia.

2. Indigestion:

Regular defecation is an indication of low digestion, it implies that your body system finds it hard to digest food properly. Corn causes indigestion especially when highly consumed, avoid it.

3. Diarrhea:

This is a gastrointestinal disorder characterized by frequent and very fluid or watery bowel movements. It is highly unhealthy to eat corn when suffering from diarrhea. Avoid it.

4. Dental or tooth problems and decay:

Hard foods or Rocky substances will worsen the condition of your tooth if taken. Corn especially roasted ones, should be avoided if having dental problems.

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