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Tips you can use to reduce your Anxiety level

We all experiences anxiety at some point in our lives. Most times, anxiety can be a sign that we need to be on high alert. 

I have experienced anxiety myself severally and it's not something good for your mental health.

People with generalized anxiety disorder find themselves with anxiety and worry even when it is not beneficial to them. 

If you are looking for ways to reduce your anxiety, this article is for you. 

Below are the things that make up generalized anxiety disorder :

1. Worry that is difficult to control

2. Fatigue 

3.Trouble falling asleep 

4. Feeling restless

5. Tension headaches


Those with generalized anxiety disorder often worry about regular life issues such as:


Safety of loved ones


Job security

What makes it a disorder is that these people worry about these things in excess and it can affect the way they function at work and even at home or around their friends.

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Ways you can use to reduce your Anxiety level

1. Deep breathing

Breathe in and out slowly. Inhale for a count of five, hold for a count of five, and exhale for a count of seven. As you do this, pay attention to where the air is going as it enters and exits your body.

2. Mindfulness of environment

This is great if you have the ability to find a place where you are out of the sight of others. 

Close your eyes and then just listen to the sounds around you and what is happening outside of your body.

When you do this, pay attention to what do you hear

What do you smell

Then change your focus to a different thing until you notice your anxiety decreasing.

3. Counting

We have all heard of people counting ceilings to help them fall asleep. Well, that’s because when focused on counting, you aren’t thinking of all the other things that could be keeping you off worrying.

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4. Pick an object to focus on at your desk

It can be a pen, your mouse, or whatever that is handy at that particular moment.

If you're having anxiety, kindly try out these exercises mentioned above because it worked for me and has worked for some of my patients too.

When you feel the worry thoughts starting focus on that object for a minute. Use your senses to pay close attention to the color, the texture. Think about the usefulness of that particular object and before you know it your anxiety will reduce drastically.

Remember, if you are dealing with anxiety, see a therapist or psychiatrist if possible to get professional help when all the exercises mentioned above aren't working anymore.

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