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The fertility leaf: how to use for anovulation

Let me drop this here because i know majority of ladies are going through one or even more of this issues. Read carefully, follow each step to avoid repeating of questions. By the grace of God you will be healed. 

How many of you are familiar with this plant? It's common in my place (home town) here in Rivers State. It's usually for demarcation or fence amongst neighbours. Did you know that this leaf is women reproductive system friendly? It is called THE FERTILITY LEAF in English, Ogirishi/Ogilishi in Igbo, Aduruku in Hausa, Ewe akoko in Yoruba . It's used for infertility related issues, it balances the hormone, menstrual irregularity, adhesion(pelvic inflammation/scaring) etc


Wash thoroughly with a clean water and salt, pound or blend, sieve/strain the juice, before you drink warm it for 5minutes, take a glass cup twice daily for just 1 week


if suffering from anovulation (lack of ovulation or absent of ovulation)

The fertility leaf should be boiled with West African Black pepper (Uda in Igbo, botanical name, Xylopia aethiopica, Erunje in Yoruba, Kimba(hausa). Drink from a glass cup twice daily 


You need the following :

25leaves of bitter leaf 

25leaves of fertility plant

4bottles of water 

Half bottle of original honey


Wash the bitter leaf with the fertility leaf with enough water and salt

Pound and squeeze out the juice

Sieve the juice

Add the honey and bottle it

Note: Do not refrigerate, it won't go bad at all.

Dosage:1 glass 3 times daily for 2months.

I recommend it for irregular menses,scanty menstrual flow, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhea, discoloration of menses,ovarian cyst, adhesions, anovulation etc. 

Pls do not forget to share your testimony here after achieving old result.

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Hausa Igbo Ogirishi Rivers State Yoruba


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