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Kidney Disease Is Dangerous, Avoid These Habits To Protect Yourself From It

Our health is of the utmost importance to us and should not play with our health. There is a common saying that wealth without health is nothing. The rate at which people suffer from kidney diseases is alarming. Many celebrities and politician have lost their lives as a result of this dangerous disease caused by some common things we do every day.

Kidney disease causes its failure leading to the inability of your kidneys to remove waste and harmful substances from your blood. Here are some top causes of kidney diseases we should take note of.

Delaying Going To A Toilet

Many people are fond of the habit of delaying urination for a long period. This is a very bad idea as a full bladder can cause bladder damage. Bacterial present in the urine multiplies quickly and enters back to the ureter and kidney causing damages. So when nature calls, do it quickly without delay.

Eating too much salt

One of the most common causes of renal failure is too much salt. People put seasoning ingredients that contain too much salt just for the food to taste nice. You are doing this at very great risk because it is required to eat not more than 5.8 grams of salt daily.

Eating too much meat

Meats contain protein and too much protein in your digestion can cause ammonia toxin which is very destructive to the kidney. The more you eat meat, the more your chance of contracting this dangerous disease.

Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Many soft drinks and sodas today have caffeine as an ingredient. Caffeine raises blood pressure leading to renal problems. It is advised to reduce the amount of coke you drink daily.


Water is life as many people say. You need to drink a large amount of water to keep your kidney hydrated for their functioning well. Always observe the color of your urine and drink more than 10 glasses of water daily.


Avoid Taking Some Drugs

Some drugs like D-cold, cisime,coldarin, heroin, and some pain killer drugs are dangerous to our kidneys.

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