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See 10 Things That Leads To Miscarriage In The Life Of Most Pregnant Ladies, Read Carefully

Welcome to another great article of mine. Here, I shall be writing on 10 things that leds to miscarriage in pregnant ladies.

Before I talk about the 10 things that leads to miscarriage in pregnant ladies, let me explain what miscarriage is all about. It is worthy of note that miscarriage is the spontaneous ending of a pregnancy. Note that miscarriage is also known as (spontaneous abortion).

Miscarriage usually occur in the life of a pregnant lady within the period of the first 3 months of the pregnancy, before gestation.

However, having a miscarriage does not mean that a lady has fertility problem because, most women who have miscarriage before, do have subsequent normal pregnancies and child birth.

See Symptoms of a miscarriage below, they include the following;

1. Bleeding that progresses from light to heavy.

2. Cramps.

3. Abdominal pain.

4. Low back ache, from mild to severe.

Nevertheless, If you are experiencing any symptom listed above, contact your healthcare provider right away for treatment because, delay can be dangerous.

Below are the common mistakes that less to miscarriage in pregnant ladies👇

Miscarriage can be caused by variety of known and unknown factors such as:

1. Hormonal irregularities

2. Infection

3. Uterine abnormalities

4. Incompetent cervix

5. Disorder of the immune system

6. Severe kidney disease

7. Uncontrolled diabetes

8. Thyroid disease

9. Radiation

10. Severe malnutrition.

For every pregnant lady out there, I ask that you should try and avoid those factors listed above that are capable of causing miscarriage.

#Bye for now!

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