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Guys Beware, These Things Might Cause Low Sperm Count

The pride of every man is to know that he's viable and capable of making his wife to conceive a child.

It's with no doubt that we live in a society where there are many things that tend to cause worries for alot of men, one of which is concerning their low sperm count which is majorly responsible for their inability to impregnate a woman or wife as the case may be.

Below is a list of things most men ignorantly indulge in that tend to cause them such great effect:


Even though some Nigerians believe that smoking and alcoholism have reduced suicidal rate and has saved many Nigerians from depression.

A typical Nigerian man will say "but our parents used the same alcohol to soak their herbs before taking and performed well because of it to give birth to us".

Well, what ever the speculations or believe, the reality of it's adverse effect on the man's health cannot be neglected.

Yes your parents might have done it and gotten away with it, it does not necessarily mean that you will do same and get away with it too. "In the days of ignorance, God over looks"

Too much of alcohol intake significantly reduces your sperm count level as a man and as such you must be willing to let go in order to restore your confidence in the other room.

Stress (Lagosians take note)

Stress is almost a common factor for everyone in Lagos, men and women alike.

Some people are of the believe that stress in most men affect the gender of a child born. That is, a man who is always stressed up has more chances of causing his wife to give birth to only female children. Well, that's not scientifically proven.

However, It's with no doubt that life was never meant to be easy for any man as they are majorly saddled with the responsibility of fending for the family, and as a result, they have to work very hard to put food on the table.

But the caution is that despite the hustle and bustle, you need to find time to rest so your viability as a man is not affected in the other room.

Watching Adult Movies

This is another dangerous practice that many men indulge in without knowing it's adverse effect on their health.

Even though people have different ideology about this act, some say it's ok to watch adult movies while others condemn it outrightly.

I am of the school of thought that when one indulge in it for a long period of time, that person is at risk of having a lower sperm count in the future.


As obesity is known to have a negative impact on women's fertility, more recently discoveries have also shown that men's weight can also be of great effect to them, infact men who have higher body mass index than their slimmer counterpart have a substantially higher risk of having lower sperm count.

All men who gather weight due to some unhealthy lifestyle should make adjustment for the better.


I know someone may want to hilariously ask "what type of smoking do you mean"? Is it the cigarette, weed or firewood type of smoke?Well, I mean all.

Men who are addicted to smoking are hereby advised to stop it if at all they have their health at heart.

Exposure to Some Chemicals

Examples of such Chemicals are paints, some of them contains lead or some pesticides that are dangerous to men's health.

Illicite drugs

Some men are always fun of patronizing street hawkers for enhancement drugs, stop it today.

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