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Carbonated Drinks

Reno Omokri Introduces 'Water Diet Challenge' To His Followers For The Month Of September

Reno Omokri has started a challenge for his followers on his official Twitter handle, the challenge which is expected to last for the whole of September has to do with the well-being of those who can take up the challenge.

The challenge may look very simple for many who do not constantly take carbonated drinks or drinks with caffeine and others, especially the coke brand and other processed and packaged juice in packs. But for those who cannot do without soft drinks, this may be a task too difficult to take.

According to Reno Omokri, the challenge means that the participants only take water through the month of September, they can eat all foods, but when it comes to drinking to quenched thirst or for pleasure’s sake, they should stick to water for the entire month of September.

Reno Omokri did not only mention the challenge for the month, he also highlighted the benefits of taking the water challenge in the month of September. And according to him, it would affect the way the body, mind, and spirit feel afterward. The benefit is quite tempting, but how many people can join this challenge?

Here is the post he made, inviting all his followers and interested parties to join the “September Water Only” challenge. He said;

“This September, take this challenge. Drink only water. No coke or other carbonated sugary drinks. No packaged so-called ‘juice’. Just water only. Then measure how your body, mind, and spirit feel at the end of the Month. What we eat affects us far beyond our bodies!”

As we all know, processed foods can never be compared to natural foods. The same goes for liquids we take into the body, although some waters are purified with chemicals, they are still more nutritious and safer for the health than other drinks with sweeteners, caffeine, and other supplements.

Do you think this challenge would be easy to follow? Can you join the challenge and check out its benefit?

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