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24 Weird Optical Illusions That Will Challenge Your Brain

We are used to believing what we see because we are certain that no one can deceive our eyes. But some photos can make us see things that aren't there. 

This is because we don't see with our eyes, we see with our brains. Also, the brain can undoubtedly be tricked. This article will cause you to trust it. 

These are collections of 26 visual hallucinations that will demonstrate that your own brain can misdirect you.

Scroll this image up and down and the squares will move. 

What's more, these circles are really still. 

The hearts are not moving, they just appear to be. 

Also, these things that seem as though snakes are still. This isn't a GIF. 

As are these fish.

Take a very close look at these green lines and shift your head. Do they move?

Which way are these rings turning? 

These hearts are really of a similar color — red.

If you are seeing a spiral here, you are incorrect.

This is certifiably not a spiral either.

The left heart looks green, the center one looks pink but in fact, they two are just as dark as the right heart.

It looks arched, but it's definitely not.

It looks as though there is some bright light coming from the focal point of the flower.

This is a standard cup.

The girl's skin glances pink in the left picture and yellow in the right. As a general rule, the skin color is the equivalent.

What do you see? A Chinese sanctuary? Try moving further from the screen.

The letters are not inclined.

The wheels of this bike are not turning. 

Do you see the square getting greater?

The stars seem to be glittering.

These things have a similar shape.

Which way is the girl turning?

Try not to accept your eyes. It would appear that the chessboard is bending.

Would you be able to see the sleeping lady?

Which of these figments stunned you the most?

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