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Pregnancy period

6 Reasons you must visit the hospital as soon as you are pregnant.

Getting pregnant or conceiving is a thing of joy and should not be taken with levity hands.

So many people thinks and believe after conceiving the next thing is to be expecting a baby after 9 month.

But pregnancy stage is more than just counting of months and days to delivery, it involves taking precautions,examinations and even preparedness to safe delivery of a healthy baby.

Here are some reasons you must visit hospital immediately after conceiving;

1. Abdominal Ultrasound Scan:

This is use for some investigation such as checking the gender of a foetus, confirming of pregnancy, possible presentation of the foetus(i.e how the baby is lying the womb), to determine numbers of foetus, to examine placenta e.t.c.

2. Laboratory Investigation :

Laboratory investigation is very essential during the first 4-6 weeks of gestation in other to know the well being of the mother. During laboratory investigation some things are expected to be seen and confirm such as Pack Cell Volume (PCV) it will help determine if the mother is anemic or not, mother to foetus blood compatibility would be determined during this course of laboratory investigation too, it can also be use to know if the mother does not have trace of pregnancy induce diabetes or even pregnancy induced high blood pressure called "Pre-Eclampsia" and malaria in pregnancy.

4. Physical Examination :

Some physical examination will be carried out you as a pregnant woman to determine,examine and observe some factors that can leads to complications during pregnancy,delivery and after safe delivery.

Those examination includes routine height,weight, traces of malnutrition, and routine blood pressure and blood sugar check. Weight to height is very essential during pregnancy and during delivery, obese pregnant women have the possibilities of having complications during delivery than average weight woman. So checkmating weight is essential in other to prevent foetus obesity due to infantile diabetes.

5. Foetus Examination :

Major things that wanted to be achieved is the health status of foetus in a common language they call it " the baby is kicking". Well it is more than that in some instance with the help of Doppler the foetus heartbeat would be felt.

6. Orientation :

At these level pregnant women will be expose to many things about pregnancy, its possible complications and what to expect during delivery. Symptoms of hormonal changes due to pregnancy too would be expose to them.

7. Nutritional Examination :

These also essential for evaluation of pregnant woman health and what the baby is getting from the mother. Because the nutrients required baby to survive rely solely on its mother.

Please note that during pregnancy standard hospital is the best place you can get an adequate examination.

Please if you also notice any abnormalities visit your hospital for complains!

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