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Need Relief From Pains? Here Are 4 Healthy Foods For Fast Relief

1. Salmon

An anti - inflammatory omega - 3 acid filled food, salmon is a good and healthy food as it is also considered as a very health healthy food as it also reliefs one from joint pains and also joint tenderness if you have rheumatoid arthritis. 

2. Tumeric.

Recent study has shown that people who have rheumatoid athritis and osteoarthritis and who had regular consumption of tumeric are able to walk better without any signs of drug effect.

3. Virgin olive oil.

Contained with lubricin which makes the joints move smoothly and swiftly, virgin olive oil also prevents cartilage from breaking from being broken down. It also helps people who have osteoarthritis. 

4. Peppermint.

Research has shown the effectiveness of peppermint as it is said to have the ability to relief pains, painful menstrual cramps, and bloating that are as a result of irritable bowel snydrome. Brazillian mint tea as recent study have it, is an excellent painkiller. 

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