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Dangers Of Early Pregnancy

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There are some little but significant dangers of giving birth early,truth be told that teen pregnancy is not always easy because it comes with lots of issues, here are danger below :

1.Premature birth -teen pregnancy might likely produce a low birth weight as teens will not receive the right amount of nutrients,try to pursue a healthy lifestyle

2.Your social relationship with the public will not be the same, pregnancy can cause a lot of mood swings that will not allow you maintain your social activity, and there are some you will have to stop when pregnant like playing too much

3.You might drop out of school because you cannot keep up with taking your pregnancy to class and all that

4.You will have to provide for your new born by getting a job or something, it is pretty difficult to get a job if your baby is still small ,because employers will not want a slow person

Lastly, Try your best to plan your life the right way to avoid regrets

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