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Doctor reveals four ways to enhance your mental health

A Doctor has revealed four ways to prioritise your mental health. He took to his official Twitter page and shared the expected ways to achieve good mental health.

Our mental health should give us concern every day because it is one of the health components along with physical health and social well- being.

One may be free from diseases and infirmity but still have challenges with his mental health.

Poor mental health is very dangerous because it can attack one's immune system (the cells and proteins that defends the body against infections) and make it inactive against infections that may find their ways into our bodies.

Experts have been saying that some of the human ailments can be traced to poor mental health and they keep on warning everyone to be conscious of their mental well-being.

To help the general public to have a good and healthy life, a medical practitioner has taken to his social media platform and list four ways you can be in charge of your mental health.

He listed them as follows;

1. Feed your mind with positivity, 2. Never let negative thoughts weaken you, 3. Date or marry someone who cares about your mental health, 4. Don't do it alone. If emotions get too heavy, talk to a Psychiatrist or someone you trust.

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