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BSUTH Cuts Off A Lady's Breast Only To Find Out She Does Not Have Cancer

A lady identified as Serah Shimenenge Yugh is raising misdiagnosis awareness and seeking justice from the Benue State University Teaching Hospital after she lost one of her breast due to an error in diagnosis during her NYSC In 2017. This news was reported by instablog9ja telling the mismanagement and carelessness from our doctors.

Oh what a mis order!

It was at the National Hospital Abuja that her oncologist pointed out discrepancies in the results she presented. According to the oncologist, her tumor marker test showed that she was free of cancer.

Oh what an irredeemable mistake!

What kind of carelessness can this be called?

Here is the picture of the young Serah;

This lady who would always be in tears have rejected the offers of breast reconstruction and a job from the Commissioner for Health Benue State as she saw them as a ploy to silence her.

This lady who has lost her relationship and her dream to pursue a Ph.D course has, during the saga also asked how she would cope with the side effects of the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drugs she was taking.

People have made many comments concerning this carelessness from our doctors and people have also pitied the lady but the highest great thing that can happen to this lady now is to have her breast back.

How would you feel if you were the one involved in this carelessness?

It's really a painful story but let's always hope because man will always be hopeful since death is not concerned.

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