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Stop Calling It "Face-Mass", It's Incorrect - See The Correct Word To Use.

Stop Calling "Face-Mass", It's Incorrect - See The Correct pronunciation.

I was was startled when i heard a friend of mine asking someone if she sells 'Face Mass" ah i was confused because i have never come across such word before and i was like "Are you sure of what you're saying?".

Moreover, most people are fond of pronouncing some words wrongly, even if you correct them to the right way of pronouncing it, only few will take the correction and others will neglect and pronounce it the way it sounds right to their ear.

Yes we know English speaking is not our mother tongue, it doesn't mean we should pronounce the some words anyway we want, if only you can make out time for yourself and watch some videos online concerning English pronunciation, you will come to know that you have been using the wrong pronunciation for some words lately.

These are some of the wrong pronunciation for "Face- Mass" trending in some localities.

1) cover-Mouth

2) Cover-Nose

3) Nose-Mass

4) Nose-Mark

5) Face-Mass

6) Face-Mark

See the The Right pronunciation for it is ,"Face Mask"

I hope you learnt something new, if you feel there is something that should be added to the list you are free to add yours. if you do not agree with the corrections made above, you're free to share your opinion in comments Boxes.

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