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The Way You Write The Letter X Says Something Important About Your Personality (Check Yours Here)

Do you know that the way you write the letter X represents something special about your personality?

Popular Handwriting Expert, Katchi McKnight revealed that the different ways we write letter X represent a hidden truth about our personalities. 

You will agree with me that when we were in Primary school, we were taught how to write different Alphabets including the Letter X.

And if you can remember vividly, you will realise that we were taught how to write different letters via lined workbook and handwriting book.

After leaving Primary school, we perfected and took our writing styles beyond what we could imagine.

So, It's Exciting that we all write letters differently.

Some theories revealed that the appearance of our handwriting have to do with our personality, that is there is connection.

In this Article, our focus is based on letter X.

The way you write letter "X" reveals hidden truth about your personality, Handwriting Expert says.

The simple and commonly way of writing Letter X is by crossing two diagonal lines

According to Handwriting Expert, different Style of X has different meaning.

Here are 8 ways that people write letter X and their personalities.

So, what does your writing say about you?

1. You look into the past

Kathi says that if you use two reverse strokes to form your X then you’re stuck in the past.

While you want to move forwards, you often find that, mentally, you can’t.

2. You're running from something

If both lines are drawn moving forwards – but start in reverse – then you want to escape your past.

3. You like to rebel

If you draw an X using reversed strokes then you’re a bit of a rebel.

You have no need to fit in and enjoy not conforming.

However, there’s no reason why you push away societal norms.

4. Focused on the future

Kathi says that this method, drawing the second stroke normally – means you try to focus on the future.

However, a part of you is inclined to move backwards.

5. Live by your own rules

You draw the first half of the letter “correctly” but the second is in reverse.

Kathi says that you like to live by your own rule book.

6. Forward-thinking

You start your X from the bottom left and draw it in an unconventional order.

You set the trends and don’t care who knows it.

7. You like order

This is the classic way to draw an X.

Most of us do it this way as it’s what we’re taught in school.

You like sticking to the norm and value order.

8. Creative thinker

Almost exactly the same as number seven, except starting in the opposite place.

You’re creative, and like to think differently.

We’re you surprised by what your writing says about you?

Or, maybe you feel it got you spot on.

Either way, it sure is interesting to see what your handwriting might be telling people about you.

Now you should know what the Letter X reveals about your personality.

As for me, Mine is Forward thinking.

Which number is yours?

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