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Swallow that goes in hand with ewedu soup

Ewedu is green leafy vegetables that is paired with stew for swallow. It is good for weight loss because of it calorific content.

As a Nigerian who loves eating swallow you will know the importance of eating the swallow with correct soup to push it down to the your waiting stomach so today we are looking at the mighty ewedu leaf that can be used for any swallow

1. Ewedu and eba

Even if your eba is as hard as stone you can use this soup to push it down without any discomfort in your throat.

2. Ewedu and fufu

Omg the slipperness is the enjonyment no interruption just moving straight from mouth to stomach.

3. Ewedu and semo

My love for this is great. Even kid like it with soft semo

4. Let pack it up with the most popular of all. Ewedu and amala babies love it adult love it. Iteven got it special buka where it is only sold.

Apart from ewedu been use for soup it gat a lot of health benefits it helps strengthen the immune system fight off heart disease and stress.

Out of all which one did you like best let me hear your opinion in the comment section below like and also share thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Bisbetty (via Opera News )

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