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Why Men Should Avoid Calcium Supplement

According to Healthline", Calcium supplements are one of the highest selling natural products in America yet there are many reasons to avoid taking them. These comprise an increased risk of kidney stones, prostate cancer, and heart attack. As with most vitamins and minerals, it is best to get calcium through a varied and balanced diet. If you are concerned about prostate cancer, surveys indicate that nondairy dietary sources of calcium are best. However, here is the reason why men should avoid calcium supplements.

Kidney Stones.

Even though calcium in your diet does not cause kidney stones, calcium supplements are linked with kidney stones. The results of several types of research indicate that high levels of calcium in the blood are associated with kidney problems and the formation of calcium stones.

Prostate Cancer.

Based on the results of several reviews of different populations and calcium supplementation, the World Cancer Research Fund classified calcium as a probable cause of prostate cancer. Both calcium from supplements and calcium from dairy put men at higher risk, although additional research has also found that non-dairy sources of calcium also can increase the risk of prostate cancer. The bottom line is to limit calcium intake, especially from supplements.

Heart Attack Risk.

Calcium supplements can also increase your risk of a heart attack. The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) review is based on the findings of almost 24,000 people whose health was tracked for an average of 11 years

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