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Pregnancy period

4 secrets of pregnancy that people they didn't tell anyone about birth time

Your water doesn't break in a ceremonies scatter at your feet unlike in every movie ever when a real woman's water breaks it usually does look like a water balloon shattering on concretey our water might not break just once amniotic fluid that forms a protective sac around your baby can keep trickling all day necessitating a fat maxi pad this is often the primary time birth will lead you back to maxi pads but it ain't the last

If your water doesn't break on it's own a doctor breaks it for you with a super long look like thing but it doesn't hurt per second but just feels uncomfortable just because your water breaksdoesn't mean you have to race to the hospital and behave like Hugh grant in nine months

Your water may break but it could still be hours or even a full day before contractions start and your cervix begins dilating to make way for the baby

Contractions may be the worst partyou'd think pushing a baby out would be the absolute worst given that popular pushing something the size of a watermelon through something the size of a lemon analogy but for many people contractions are the deepest circle of hell they start out like regular menstruation cramps and you're all oh this isn't even that bad but they quickly become tiny evil elf hands grabbing your lower back and lower abdomen and squeezing them with all of their might until pushing out a baby


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