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How to Cure Malaria Fever Using this Herb

How to Cure Malaria Fever Using this Herb.

          Today, I will be showing you how you can cure Malaria Fever by yourself with this superb method using this medicinal herb. This method that I am about to tell you have been tested and trusted by me and I can assure it's 100% efficiency.

           I know you all are eager to know this superb method and the necessary steps to follow, so therefore, let's begin.

          Do you know the leaf called Cannabis leaf, which majority of us know as the "Dongoyaro leaf"? I think you all might know it. Yes!! This is the medicinal herb that is needed to help cure the Malaria Fever, under a week. It is very medicinal and the most essential material needed in this superb method. This is one of it's advantages and also has some disadvantages when misused.

           Having know the name of the medicinal herb the "Dongoyaro leaf", the next thing to consider is the method to apply and Steps to follow inorder to cure oneself from the Malaria Fever.




1.Get at least a polythene bag full of the Dongoyaro leaf.

2. Get a big cooking pot(not the one for cooking party rice oh) or a small pot, depending on the quantity of leaves.

3. Put all the herbs/leaves you got into the pot and add enough water that will almost reach the brim of the pot.

4. Put the pot on fire (gas cooker or stove) to cook/boil. Leave it for 25 to 30 minutes on fire.

5. When you have brought it down, you will notice that the water has changed color to light green.

6. Get a thick blanket or wrapper and a small stool for the Malaria Fever victim.

7. Sit down with the steaming pot in front of you (Make sure you are naked or if you can't, put on only a boxer or pant).

8. Cover yourself and the pot together, with the blanket or wrapper and stay inside for like 5 to 6 minutes. Make sure the steam coming out your nose, mouth and it's reaching your chest and stomach.

9. When you are out, you will notice that your body is soaked with the steam, then you go and have your bath and rest.

Do this four times in one week, morning and evening, you will notice a very fast recovery.

NOTE: (i) You can add small quantity of the greenish liquid to your bathing water and bathe.

           (ii) You can also drink small quantity of the liquor.

#Thanks for Reading!! Hope you enjoyed it?

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Content created and supplied by: IraborBenedict (via Opera News )

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