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3 Things You Should Know As Surgeons Transplant Kidney From A Pig To A Human Successfully

Surgeons in the United States of America, has successfully joined a kidney which was grown in a genetically altered pig, to a human being. According to the information shared by punch news, the surgery worked perfectly well. This event took place at NYU Langone Health center, located in New York City. With this happening, there might be a breakthrough of having a large amount of organs for those in need of surgery.

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Photo credit: punchnews

This article will look at 3 things that you should know, as the surgery occurred. They include the following:

1. The surgery was carried out on a patient whose brain was dead, and it took about 54 hours to complete the surgery. The patient was on a ventilator throughout the surgery. The kidney was gotten from a pig that was genetically built to grow an organ, which may not be rejected by the human body.

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2. The kidney was not attached, where it was meant to be in the body because of an issue called, xenotransplants. The kidney was placed with blood vessels, at the upper leg outside the abdomen. After is was placed successfully, it started functioning properly. After the kidney was placed outside the body, it was covered with a protective shield so that it could be observed.

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3. The new research has not been published in a medical journal because, they still have to observe it for complications and improvements.

This is a wonderful scientific research, and it will go a long way in helping people who need organ transplant.

Source: punchng

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