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Why it is not good to eat heavily at night and 5 light meals to eat as dinner

As it is known that the three main meal of the day is breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast which is the first meal of the day is taken in the morning while lunch is afternoon meal. Dinner, which is the night meal should be a light food and should be taken early before bed time. Many people usually overlook this and eat very late at night probably because they did not know the consequences of the habit. In this article, we will shed light on 4 reasons why it is not good to eat heavy meal at night. 

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1. Constipation

Constipation may happen as a result of eating heavy meals especially late at night. When constipation happens, the person find it difficult to defecate. 

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2. Weight gain

When one eat too much without monitoring the calories included, the person is liable to gain more weight which may be detrimental to health.

3. Heartburn

Many things usually cause heartburn including eating heavy meals. When this happens, the person may feel a burning sensation in the chest or throat.

4. Bedwetting in children

Different reasons attribute to bedwetting in children but one of the reason is eating heavy meal late in the night. 

However, it is hygienic to eat light foods at night and also eat it before bedtime. Below are 5 light foods one can eat as dinner.

1. Rice and stew

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2. Rice tuwo (tuwo shinkafa) 

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3. African salad (abacha) 

4. Yam flour (Amala)

5. Pasta spaghetti

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