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Side effects of licking calabash chalk also known as "nzu" in Igbo

Calabash chalk is consumed by most people, especially by children and pregnant women, it occurs naturally and also, can be produce artificially by the mixture of ash from wood, salt, clay, mud and sand. It is then moulded into a round shape or any shape desired, then it is finally heated to form calabash chalk.

Calabash chalk contain high level of toxic substances like lead and aluminium, which is higher than what is regarded healthy. Lead is very harmful to the human body, even in small quantity it is very harmful

The toxic element in calabash chalk can affect the brain in a bad way, causing dementia. It can also cause gastrointestinal disorders, including nausea and gastric ulcer. Even in small quantity, it can affect a child ability to learn.

And also when a pregnant woman take calabash chalk, it affect their babies because lead is very harmful to babies and it can cause lead poisoning. Pregnant women craving calabash chalk, can be a sign of low iron, instead of licking calabash chalk take iron supplements or eat iron rich foods

So minimize the intake of calabash chalk before you get addicted to it.

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