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6 Reasons Why You Must Not Marry A Man That Is As Old As Your Father.

6 Reasons Why You Must Not Marry A Man That Is As Old As Your Father.

One of the most trending events seen in this 21st Century is unusual marriages. It is very common to see a lady of 20 years old hanging out with a 50 or 70 year old man, and a young guy of 20years hanging out with a 60 year old sugar Mama.

As good as these things may appear to those engaging in them, there exist some underlying dangers they are not aware of. Here are the five reasons why you must not marry a man that is as old as your grandpa.

1.Reduction of life expectancy

One of the risk of marrying a man older than your dad or grandpa is reduction in life expectancy. Ladies who marries men very much older than they have their life expectancy reduced by 20%.

2 Genetic Imbalance

There exist certain biological imbalance bearing children at very old age. Some of the children lack the required immunity. Some of the risk associated with marrying an old man on your kids includes low weight of the child, low apgar score and then risk of seizures, prematurity, with the mother having a higher chances of having gestational diabetes.

3. Chances of becoming a widow early

There are higher chances of becoming a widow early. Biologically, increase in age draws one close to his grave, provided all other factors remains constant. A young lady of 20 years marrying a man of 70 or 80 years have a probability of becoming a widow at the 30 or 40 years of age.

4. Incompatibility

It is very difficult to marry a man who is as old as one's father and be sure of compatibility; compatibility in terms of reasoning, civilization, interest etc.

5. Satisfaction

It is very difficult for a man of 80 years old to satisfy the lady of 20 years of age, hence unfaithfulness in the part of the lady or she endure as the case may be.

6. Lack of confidence in public

It is always very hard for a lady of 20 years to present among her friends a man that is as old as her father as her husband. Should in case, she muster courage to do so, she will receive the best mockery of her life from her friends.

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