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5 Notable Symptoms that You Maybe lacking Blood and Ways to prevent it.

Anemia is a common blood and iron deficiency illness that can happen to anyone but when ignored for long it can prove fatal. 

So in this article we'll be discussing the 5 notable signs that indicates you maybe suffering from Iron Deficiency (low vitamin b12).

(1) Frequent Cold hands and Feet:

One of the obvious signs of iron deficiency is the frequent feeling of cold hands and feet when the weather is clearly not cold, this can happen when you're not getting enough oxygen to your hands and legs. 

People who tend to catch cold easily in warm or humid weather, it is a clear sign of shortage of blood. Other sign includes a sharp stab like feeling, when you throw normal temperature water on your body. This is your skin showing signs you lack vitamin b-12. 

(2) Pale or Discolored Skin:

This paleness in people with iron deficiency can appear all over the body, or it can be limited to one area, such as the face, gums, inside of the lips or lower eyelids and even the nails.

(moderate or severe cases of anemia)

If you pull your lower eyelid down, the inside layer should be a vibrant red color. If it is a very pale pink or yellow color, this may indicate that you have iron deficiency.


some doctors look for this signs first in a case of suspected anemia, but the best way to confirm shortage of blood is through test. 

(3) Feeling Faint Frequently:

This is a case of lack of enough oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body, it is also associated with shortness of breath due to lack of "hemoglobin". Hemoglobin is what helps the red blood cells transmit oxygen to all parts of the body. 

So when there's not enough hemoglobin in your body system, oxygen level in the body will be affected drastically, and your muscles won't get the required amount of oxygen to do normal daily activities and thus making you feel faint when walk a bit distance or when you simply blow out an amount of air from your mouth. 

Lack of hemoglobin in the body leads to low level of oxygen needed for the body to function well, then causing you to feel faint.

(4) Bad Eating Habits:

Shortage of blood will make some individuals develop unusual eating habits and cravings like the hunger to eat ice, clay, dirt, chalk or paper. 

This habit is usually common with pregnant women and the one's suffering from fibroid, sometimes the need to eat again just few minutes after having a full meal is a sign is lacking some nutrients and is trying to make up for it by processing foods consumed faster, making you hungry again. Eat well during daytime and avoid heavy meals once its close to 7pm. 

Avoid deep fried foods, eat more of vegetables, eggs and balanced diets than settling for junks when you get this cravings.

(5) Prone to Infections and Diseases:

People with anemia (iron deficiency) are prone to disease and infections, the body needs all the iron it can get in other to stay healthy. When the body is not getting enough iron, the level of immunity in the white blood cells will drop and when the Immune system is low, the body is now open and prone to diseases and infections. 

Nigeria in general is plagued with malaria and individuals frequent hospitals and pharmacy to treat recurring malaria and waterborne disease typhiod, you can help protect your body from this illness by building up your immune system, making sure your body is fortified with vitamin b-12 and getting enough iron from necessary foods and vitamins. 

Ways one can help improve their body from Iron Deficiency.

(1) Go for a test, talk to a doctor and get help in trying to rejuvenate your hemoglobin and have your iron restored to its normal level.

(2) Live a healthy lifestyle, exercise at minimum 4 times a week. Stimulate your heart. Talk a walk, walk a distance. Soak up the morning sun. Do yoga. 

(3) Eat well, eat balanced diet. Consume more of these foods:


Read meat (people above 40 consume less red meat)


Whole wheat bread

Vegetables lots of it

Drink none sweetened yoghurt

Eat iron beans

Eat fresh and not preserved sea foods like crabs, crayfish and catfish

Eat fruit salads and avoid deep fried foods.

Avoid very soft drinks and drink plenty of water at least a cup hourly.

Get enough sleep and stop bad sleeping habits.

And take Vitamin C as much as you can.

Do all these and watch your body replenish and function normal again. But it is highly recommended to see a doctor when you're suffering from anemia (iron deficiency). 

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Content created and supplied by: LexObinna (via Opera News )


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