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4 Causes Of Swollen Legs In Adults, And Ways To Treat It

Swollen legs could occurs when your legs and feet gets bigger or larger than normal. It occurs more in adults, and can a very scary experience at first. There are many things that could lead to the swelling of the legs or feet, some of which I will talking about in this article. For the purpose of this article, we are going to be looking at some of the common causes of swelling in the legs, and how to treat it.


a) Inflammation: have you ever noticed that when your leg is broken or injured, it tend to get swollen? This is only a natural response to the broken bone or torn ligaments. But it might also be a sign that you might be suffering from a more severe inflammatory disease such as Arthritis. 

b) Edema: Edema occurs when the tissues or blood vessels that is located at your leg area is holding more fluid than normal. This happens when you spend long hours standing on your feet, or sit for a very long time, which I am sure you must have experienced before. It could also indicate that you don't get enough exercise, or you are overweight. If you are the type that experience this too often, and do not do exercises, then you should probably start doing more work out.

c) Kidney Problem: kidney problems, or kidney related problems, are one of the major causes of swelling on the leg. Rather than the kidney to remove water and waste from your blood, it allows fluids to gather in your blood, and this can lead swelling in your leg. So if you are experiencing random swellings in your arms and legs, ensure to see the doctor.

d) Medication: if you notice any kind of swelling on parts of your body, especially the legs, after taking medications, then it is probably the side effects of those drugs. Such medication could include Aspirin, and Ibuprofen.


a) Reduce your intake of salt.

b) Start doing exercises if you have not been doing it before.

c) if it is possible for you, it is encouraged that you raise your leg above your heart level for about 30 minutes, as many times as you can in a day. As time goes on, the swelling will reduce automatically.

d) Put on compression stockings. You can order it on any e-commerce store of your choice, and wear it until the swelling reduces.



Content created and supplied by: AustinGistz (via Opera News )


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