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One Ailment People With Genotype AA Are Reportedly Vulnerable To

The issue of genotype has been with us for a very long time. We have seen and heard a lot of things concerning genotype compatibility but not much attention has been paid to the various conditions each genotype is vulnerable to. We have basically four genotypes, AA, AS, SS, AC. Amongst these genotypes, AA is the best, AC is rare while AS and SS are abnormal. For this article, we'll focus solely on AA.

AA genotype is the best genotype there is. When an AA genotype marries another AA, it is the best thing to do and it saves your children the worry about genotype compatibility. AA genotype can marry any other genotype.

One major sickness that greatly affects the AA genotype is malaria. People with genotype AA (92.3%) are vulnerable to malaria, than those with AS (5.1%) and those with SS (2.6%). This is because the malaria parasite needs a very high level of oxygen consumption for replication and duplication and the AA genotype contains normal haemoglobin both in quantity and structure thereby resulting in more oxygen binding capacity and fueling of the parasite's replication and duplication process.

So, as an AA person, you need to be careful of your environment and make sure it is free from mosquitoes.

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