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Soaking bitter kola and coconut water and drinking for two days will give you these results

Before the colonial era which brought about the use of drugs, early Africans where know to even use roots, leaves and herbs for the treatment of almost all sicknesses. For example drinking bitter leave can get rid of fever and stomachache, ginger and garlic can be used to flush the body system, the list continues and this list seem to be endless. But one of these natural herbal nuts that seem to have a lot of healing ability is Coconut and Bitter kola, especially when they are combined.

 These two are very popular and easy to get in any part of Nigeria. And I have done a research on how to mix this two to give you the best result. To begin the herb, you will need and a cup of coconut water. First of pile the back of the kola, wash and blend the bitter kola to bits and extract the mixture carefully. Pour the mixture into the cup of coconut water, allow this to soak for three days and drink it all.

This is what it does to your body; 

The antibodies in the drink will help fight any thing in your body. 

It also aids with the following; 

Knee Osteoarthritis



Cerebral pain


Low sperm count

Erective dysfunctions

Just to mention a few, try this mixture and witness the awesome power of natural herbs.

Kindly share please. 

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