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Child Health: 3 Children Killer Diseases In Nigeria

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There are many children killer diseases in the globe but only few is prominent in Nigeria. This diseases kills children within a short period of time.

Despite being preventable and curable, this diseases has reportedly killed millions of children around the globe and it is still killing many children as some parents are ignorant of the preventive measures of these diseases.

1. Pneumonia.

According to UNICEF, these particular infection contributes to millions of death in children. It is a bacterial infection majorly caused by exposure to cold and flu.

According to reports, the major cause of this disease is poor sanitation, exposure to air pollution and malnutrition. However, practice of good hygiene, good nutrition and ventilation can help prevent this sickness.

The use of antibiotics can also help to cure this disease. Note that pneumonia hardly goes once a child contracts the disease. And as such, preventive measures should be adopted to avoid complications.

2. Diarrhoea.

This is a very common childhood disease. This disease leads to dehydration which may eventually lead to death if not properly taken care of.

Oral Rehydration Therapy can be administered to a child suffering from diarrhoea to help to rehydrate the baby. Also, Zinc formulas should also be used to resuscitate the life of the baby.

In addition to this, adequate breast feeding and good nutrition can also help to kill the bacteria that causes diarrhoea.

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3. Malaria.

One of the most dangerous disease in sub-saharan Africa. This disease is deadly in the sense that it kills millions of people every year, both adults and children.

Fortunately, the use of anti malarial could help get rid of the disease. Since this disease is an insect vector, sleeping under mosquito nets is advised.

Also, getting rid of stagnant waters and clearing of bushes in the surroundings should be practiced.

Conclusively, parents are advised to take adequate care of their children as they may not be able to explain how they are feeling and which part of their body is affected when sick.

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Take Care Of Your Kids.

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