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How To Prevent And Tackle Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a viral disease that can be contracted through contact with an infected person.

A person can have the Hepatitis C virus and may not know. He/She may be having persistent stomach pain, feeling like throwing up more often, fatigue, joint pains, dark urine and even suffering from jaundice. 

If you have or notice any of those signs, then it is very important to see a doctor to get tested as it can be Hepatitis C. 

This condition can rob your peace of mind. Hence, it is essential to prevent this condition by adopting various measures. 

This infection can severely damage your liver, and one can suffer from liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. Many people may be suffering from this condition but may be unaware of it since the Hepatitis C virus is transmitted via blood. 

Exposure to even tiny amounts of blood is sufficient to infect you. Currently, there is no vaccine available to tackle it. Hence, your doctor will suggest a proper line of treatment for you that may involve antiviral drugs.

You must not delay once you spot any of the symptoms mentioned above. Do appropriate tests suggested by your doctor, and you will surely be able to tackle this problem. 

How to Prevent Hepatitis C: 

1. Don't share your personal items: Many items that people use daily will occasionally be exposed to blood. It is important not to share things such as toothbrushes, razors, nail and hair clippers, and scissors as even small amounts of blood can infect someone. 

If you already have hepatitis C, make sure to keep the personal items, such as razors and toothbrushes, separate and out of children’s reach.

2. Do not share needles: This specifically applies to ladies/women. We do fix our hair in the salon and needles are used. Please always use a new needle that no one has used. If possible have your own personal needle. You can buy a set of needles and use each one anytime you go to fix your hair at the salon. 

3. Do not expose yourself to blood and blood products: It is not at all safe to do so. If you are a healthcare worker by profession, you will have to immediately take charge of your health. You must not come in contact with direct blood. In case you happen to come in contact with blood, then sterilize the instrument to prevent infection.

4. Monitor how your piercings and tattoos are done: Only use a tattoo and piercing artist who follow the correct sanitary procedures. A new, disposable needle and ink should be used for every customer. If in doubt, ask to show the disposable products and hygienic practices before getting a tattoo or piercing.

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