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Carbonated Drinks

How dangerous is drinking Coke after eating Mango?

Growing up, we were warned never to consume carbonated drinks like Coca-cola after eating Mango because the two can combine to form a poisonous substance that can result in instant death.

This myth sprung from an Indian tourist in China who died after eating Mangoes and consuming Coca-cola immediately after, warning that aerated drinks and mango combine to form a harmful substance, it became popular all around the world.

Medically, there is no credible report to support the claim that people have died from talking carbonated drinks and mango combine. And of course, if this claims where true, it would have been made know to the public by the drink companies, government health organizations and news reports around the world.

There is no scientific basis to claim that carbonated drinks and mangoes somehow combine magically to form poison. The major constituent of sodas is usually Sugar, and while it contains other constituents, there are not harmful to human health.

You drink sodas after eating and nothing goes wrong, why then should eating Mango and soda be poisonous?

Debunk ever false myth, Get a ripe Mango fruit and a chilled bottle of coke this week.

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