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Early Signs Of HIV/AIDs In Men That Should Not Be Taken For Granted

Healthline describes HIV as a virus that compromises the body's defenses. It prevents a vital immune system cell from doing its job of protecting the body against illnesses. Without this cell, the body would be extremely susceptible to a wide variety of diseases and ailments, which might potentially lead to death.

Some of the symptoms of HIV in males will be discussed below. Most people who get this condition eventually become severely incapacitated. It may take some time for your body to react to the presence of the invader, so you may not experience any symptoms right away. The progression of this disease can be effectively halted by the use of retroviral medications if they are administered early enough.

Is there a telltale pattern of symptoms in guys that can point to HIV infection?

After getting HIV, you may experience a sore throat, fever, and general feeling of weakness. Yet, these symptoms do not originate from a cold or flu but rather from the body's reaction to the infection.

One additional sign of HIV/AIDS in men is nighttime sweats. The fatal virus HIV can cause night sweats within a few weeks after infection, even if the temperature is well below freezing outside. Two of the most telling signs of HIV infection are recent unprotected Intercourse and severe nightly sweat that prevents you from sleeping.

Finally, if you are a man and you are constantly exhausted and losing weight without making any changes to your diet or lifestyle, HIV/AIDS should be considered a possibility. If you suddenly feel very weak and also lose weight for no obvious reason, and you have had unprotected intercourse with someone you doubt or if you have shared sharp equipment with that person, you may be positive but cannot be sure without a doctor's diagnosis.

If you have enlarged lymph nodes for longer than a week, you should see a doctor because this may be an early indicator of HIV infection. Having swollen lymph nodes is a sign of the flu, but there are many other causes of this symptom as well.

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