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See These 15 Fun Facts You Never Knew. Number 8 is My Favorite.

Staying awake for two weeks straight can kill you.

In the long-term, lack of sleep has been shown to lead to problems with physical health, such as increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke, as well as increased risk of depression and anxiety. Given that most of us aren't getting enough sleep, the effects can become more dangerous. In other words, The shorter you sleep, the shorter your life.. Consequently, being awake for extend periods of time can cause real harm to you.

Television was invented before sliced bread.

The invention of the television was the work of many individuals in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with its root starting from back in the 18th century. The development of television was interrupted by the Second World War. After the end of the war, all-electronic methods of scanning images became standard. Television broadcasts can be distributed over the air by VHF and UHF radio signals from terrestrial transmitting stations, by microwave signals from Earth orbiting satellites, or wired transmission to individuals by cable TV. While the sliced bread has been around for less than a century. Bread is one of the world's oldest prepared foods. The first automatically sliced commercial loaves were produced on July 6, 1928 in chillicothe, Missouri using a machine invented by Otto Rohwedder, an Iowa-born, Missouri based jeweller.

Children inherit their intelligence form their mothers according to scientists.

Mums out do dads when it comes to passing on intelligence genes to the kids, according to researchers. Psychology says that between 40-60 percent of intelligence is hereditary-- with the remaining percentage depending on environment, stimulation and personal characteristics.

It alludes to research by scientist Robert Lehrke, author of Sex Linkage of Intelligence, shows that most of the child's intelligence depends on the X chromosome. He said that as women have two X chromosomes, they are twice as likely to pass on characteristics related to intelligence. Boys have one X chromosome from their mums and one Y chromosome from their dads, meaning the intelligence gene is passed down through the mother.

Smoking cigarettes causes damage in minutes not years.

Smoking's destructive nature has been known for quite a while. But many people think that a cigarette here and there is okay, or smoking is fine as long as you quit while young. But the truth is that; from the moment you inhale a cigarette, there are instant effects - even if its only your first time. The tar in cigarettes smoke instantly hits your teeth and starts damaging your enamel. It also hits the gums and starts to do damage. Over time, the gum turns black. The smoke then hits the throat, where it damages the oesophagus lining. In time this is what causes throat cancer. It also damages the cilia in your trachea, preventing them from being able to clean away the tar.

A person who sleeps too much, sits too much and isn't physically active enough is more than 4 times likely to die early.

Not getting enough physical activity comes with high health and financial costs, says the CDC( Centers For Disease Control). It can contribute to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, several cancers and obesity. In addition, low levels of physical activity are associated with $117 billion in health costs every year in the US. More people of all ages and conditions can benefit from more physical activity, including strengthening exercises. Physical activity contributes to normal growth and development, reduces the risk of several chronic diseases, and helps people function better throughout the day and sleep better at night.

The average woman smiles 62 times a day. The average man smiles 8 times.

The average woman smiles 62 times a day and men only smile 8 times a day. Many questions arise as to why women smile so many times more than men. From a dental point of view, anyone who is happy with their smile will be smiling more than who is not happy with their smile, though the reasons may vary from situation to situation. In addition, smiling is good for you! It releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides that fight off stress. It also activates feel--good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, which can lower your blood pressure and hear rate.

Popcorn is by far the healthiest snack. It builds bone, muscle, tissue, aids digestion, and is good for the teeth.

Popcorn is a whole grain food and contains high amounts of several important nutrients. 100grams of air-popped popcorn serves 387 calories of energy, 13 grams of protein, 78 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of fat, 15 grams of fibre, 7% vitamin B1(thiamine),: 12% vitamin B3(niacin), 8% vitamin B6, 18% iron, 36% magnesium, 36% phosphorus, 9% potassium, 21% zinc, 13% copper and 56% manganese. Benefits include: improving digestion due its high dietary fibre content and may even help to protect against colon cancer, also rich in antioxidants, helps metabolism, helps reduce depression, supports healthy bone function and a host other benefits.

Men spend almost a year of their lives staring at women, a survey study found.

A study has found that Men spend almost a year of their lives ogling women. The average man will spend almost 43 minutes a day staring a 10 different women, that adds up to 259 hours - almost 11 days - each year, making a total of 11 months and 11 days between the ages of 18 and 50. 

But researchers found that the males aren't the only ones admiring the opposite sex as women sneak a peek at six men fot just over 20minutes a day on average. That adds up to almost six months spent admiring men from afar between the ages 18 and 50.

A woman donated a kidney to her boss, who then fired her when she took too long to recover from the operation

Miss Stevens and Brucia met while working at a Billion - dollar Atlantic Automotive Group, which runs car dealership in New York. After two years of working as a clerical worker, Stevens left the company in June 2010 and moved to Florida - but returned for a visit a few months later. During a conversation with Brucia, the boss discussed her health problems and ' her need for a kidney transplant', Stevens said that Brucia had found a possible donor - but she offered her own 'because she was naturally a kind and generous person'. When Stevens asked for her job back, Brucia agreed and she (Stevens) had her job back within weeks. According to papers, Brucia had been 'apparently grooming her as her "back up plan". ' But after Ms Stevens donated her kidney, thing took a turn for the worse until she was fired.

Alcohol kills 2.5Million people every year

According to the WHO, Alcohol abuse kills 2.5 Million people each year. The WHO is calling for people to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. It says the harmful use of alcohol is the third leading risk factor leading to illness and death from non - communicable and communicable diseases. It says alcohol-related deaths are caused by injuries from drunk driving, cancer, liver cirrhosis, heart disease and stroke. It says alcohol abuse contributes to 200 other diseases.

The moon is not round but egg shaped.

To the human eye, the moon appears round but it's natural to assume that it is actually spherical in shape - with every point on its surface equidistant from its center - like a big ball. The shape of the moon is that of an oblate spheroid, meaning it has the shape of of a ball slightly flattened. The moon exhibits very slight oblateness, but more important is the fact that the 'side of the moon that faces Earth is bit larger than the side turned away from us. This makes it slightly similar to the shape of typical bird egg that is larger of one end than the other.

The world's quietest room is so quiet it can give you hallucinations. No one has been able to stay in the room longer than 45 minutes.

Earth's quietest place will drive you crazy in 45 minutes. Inside the room is so silent that the background noise measured is actually negative decibels. The quietest place on earth is an anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota, is so quiet that the longest anybody has been able to bear is 45 minutes. Steven Orfield, the labs founder, told Hearing Aid Know: we challenge people to sit in the chamber in the dark - one person stayed in there for 45 minutes. It's quiet, ears will adapt. The quieter the room, the more things you hear. You'll hear your heart beating, sometimes you can hear your lungs, hear your stomach gurgling loudly. In the anechoic chamber, 'you become the sound.' But the room is used to test variety of things for ascerting their loudness and adaptation of silence too.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth after oil.

With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide on a daily is actually the second most traded commodity in the world , falling a little short behind crude oil - and one of the most oldest as well. 

The sun is white not yellow

When we see the sun at sunrise or sunset, when it is low in the sky, it may appear yellow, orange or red. But the that is only because its short wavelength colours are scattered out by the Earth's atmosphere, much like small waves are dispersed by big rocks along shore. But in actuality, the sun is white in colour, as it is a mixture of all colours of the rainbow.

If an ant were the same size as us, it would be twice as fast as a Lamborghini.

Like a tiny , glinting missile, the Saharan silver ant blazes across the searing sand in search for dead animals that have succumbed to the heat of the sun. Now, new research has reveals these fleet-footed foragers are not only the fastest ants alive, but among the fastest insects on the planet. In a recent experiment on the sun-baked dunes of douz, Tunisia, the insects clocked in at 2.8 feet per second - or about 108 times their body length in a single second. If that were scaled up to a humans, we zoom along at 400 miles per hour, nearly twice the speed of a Lambo.

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