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Drug Abuse: Here Are The Ways To Prevent It From Eating Up Your Kids

Drug Abuse: 5 Ways to Prevent It from Eating Up Your Kids

Drug abuse is a huge problem among Nigerian Youths.

Research has shown that out of the 180 million people living in Nigeria, about 14 million people are involved with one form of drug/substance abuse or the other. The sad part is, this number is expected to rise, especially with the high rate of unemployment, crime, and insurgency.

It’s okay to read the news and think you’re not a part of the problem because you don’t know any CLOSE person being affected by it. But drug abuse is a menace that can creep into your household unexpectedly and engulf your kids.

Whenever you look up drug abuse online, you’ll be filled with depressing stories about people who died with their addictions. You can choose to prevent this problem from creeping into your home, instead of allowing it and looking for a cure.

On the other hand, if you have kids or close relatives suffering from drug abuse, you can also implement these steps to reduce further damage.

How to Prevent Drug Abuse

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 5 steps now, shall we?

1. Speak to your kids about drug abuse

This is so important, and it doesn’t just apply to your kids. It applies to every young person you know.

Sensitization is very important. One of the reasons youths fall victim to drug abuse is as a result of negative peer pressure. This is why you need to start early to educate your kids on the consequences that abusing drugs can have on their lives.

Apart from speaking to them, take them to rehabilitation centers. This should help to re-instate the fear and keep them on track.

2. Observe your kids’ friends closely

You can speak to your kids all you want, but if they have a friend that’s always insisting on leading them to the wrong path, you have little to no control of the outcome. 

Encourage your kids to bring their friends over. Research about their lifestyles and family backgrounds. If you find something off, discourage your kids from such relationships immediately.

Let one bad egg not damage hundreds of good ones.

3. Removed all unused and addictive pharmaceuticals from the house

If, for some reason, you have addictive drugs in your house, ensure you remove it completely. It’s so important that you do that to eliminate risks of addictions.

If you must hide it, hide it in places where it will be unthinkable to hide things there. Keep it away from the reach of little children.

4. Keep your kids busy with extracurricular activities

An idle person is only a workhouse for evil doings.

As a parent or older relative, it is your responsibility to keep the younger ones under your care productive and problem-free. Initiating extracurricular activities is one of the best ways to keep your kids busy so they won’t have time to indulge in drug abuse.

You can engage them in sports, fashion classes, music lessons, community service, learn about online entrepreneurship, etc.

5. Make healthy meals

People underestimate the importance of eating healthy. Making healthy meals for your family goes a long way in ensuring that your kids develop healthy lifestyles.

Once you make healthy meals for your family, engage in extracurricular activities, talk to them about drug abuse, encourage them to introduce their friends to you, and keep them productive, drug abuse will have no place to stay in your home.

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