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Ideal Foods You Should Eat When You Are Purging

Diarrhea is a common challenge faced by many individuals. It can be described as a bowel movement that has a loose texture. Some of its symptoms are stomach cramps, a bubbly feeling in the intestine, fever, persistent pooping etc. However, your diet is very important when you are purging. The best and ideal foods you should eat during this period will be discussed in this article.

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Ideal Foods You Should Eat When You Are Purging:

1 Oat meal, rice porridge: this bland food relieves diarrhea.

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2 Plain white rice: it relieves purging.

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3 Bread

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4 Boiled potato, banana.

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5 Apple sauce, crackers

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6 Yoghurt: it's a probiotic food that aids digestion and improves good balance in the gut.

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7 Coconut water, sport drinks: these drinks are excellent sources of electrolyte and minerals.

8 Water: when you are purging, you are advised to drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration and expel toxins from your body system.

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Fried foods, sugary foods, onion and garlic should be avoided when you are purging.

Source: Medical news

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