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Signs that indicates you may be having bladder infections

As you age, you could start to notice changes in the way your bladder function. Bladder issues, such as frequent urination or minor leaks, are as you age. However, these discomforts could occasionally be signs of more severe bladder problems.

Even if you're too young to be experiencing bladder issues that typically arise with ageing, ignoring minor bladder issues could postpone the discovery or treatment of major health issues. It's possible that a bladder infection caused your issues, but it's not always the case. According to the MayoClinic, the following four signs of a bladder infection should catch your attention.

One-sided lower back pain

Consult your doctor if you discover that you only experience one side of recurrent mid to low-back discomfort. This kind of discomfort may be a sign of bladder cancer. Nevertheless, numerous conditions, including sciatica, can result in one-sided lower back discomfort (inflammation of the nerve that runs from your spine to your foot on each side). Never attempt a self-diagnosis. Visit a physician instead.

Burning when you urinate

According to Healthline, one of the most evident signs of a urinary tract infection that has gone to the bladder is burning when you urinate. This symptom could be painful, stinging, or even burning.

Pain even when urinating

Men experience rectum fullness, but women have persistent pressure or discomfort in the belly, according to WebMD. Modifications in bladder activity may be directly responsible for this.

Cloudy urine

Examining what you leave behind before flushing can be a responsible thing to do for your health, even though it may not be a pleasant part of your bathroom ritual. An urgent care centre can help you see a doctor as soon as possible if you observe cloudy or red urine after multiple trips to the restroom.

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