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Stop Ignoring Bitter Kola: Here Are 4 Health Benefits That Await You If You Start Making Use Of It

Do you know that most health solutions you are searching for in far away places, are right in your backyard? Our environment is naturally endowed with natural medications that have been proven to be super effective. This article centers on a popular Nigerian medicinal fruit known as bitter Kola. Do you know that bitter Kola has amazing health benefits? This article will open your eyes.

Probably you must have come across bitter Kola in the market, or you must have seen one or two elders in your village eating it like other friuts. Or you have seen where it was used in couple of traditional events in the southern part of Nigeria. Do you know that the same bitter Kola mentioned above is a potent natural medicine, that has been used for ages? Read on and see how you can use it to improve your health.

Researches have shown that bitter Kola can improve more than ten health conditions. It has been used for ages, tested and proven to be super effective. But unfortunately so many people are not away of its health benefits, and that is why they don't put much value in it. If you have bitter Kola in your house and you are reading this article, you will discover how lucky you are.

Bitter Kola has so many species. In Nigeria, thare are about 6 species which are differentiated by little features. No matter the variety you have, it can still give you what you want. Although some species has more medicinal value than others, all species of bitter Kola are medicinal. Bitter Kola trees are scattered all over Igbo land (southeast), and Igbos have special respect for kola nut unlike other tribes. Bitter Kola can also be found in northern part of Nigeria were they are highly cultivated. It is also found in Yoruba and other places.

Bitter Kola has been found to have 5 amazing health benefits. They are well discussed below:

1. Increases blood circulation in the body: extensive research has shown that bitter kola speeds up circulation in the body. How? It contains substances which are capable of widen the blood vessels, thereby allowing blood to flow effectively round the whole body.

2. It effectively reduces migraines headaches very fast: Bitter Kola contains two special substances called theobromine and caffeine. These two substances can dilate or open up blood vessels in the brain and other parts of the body, allowing blood and oxygen to reach the brain and vital organs easily. In that way, migraine headache will be taken care of.

3. Boost your energy level: Bitter Kola is super important for those who does tedious job and needs energy boost. It contains substances which naturally stimulates the central nervous system, at the same time increases alertness and body's energy. It is a powerful stimulant which have been used for ages.

4. It reduces constipation: it has been shown that bitter kola works very fast in reducing constipation. Bitter Kola powder contains substances which can speed up production of gastric acid in the stomach, thereby aiding food digestion and reducing frequent constipation.

Always remember that...

Note: don't take bitter Kola if you're allergic to it as that may worsen your condition. Bitter Kola shouldn't be consumed in excess as it contains stimulant which may lead to sleepless night, high blood pressure, hives stomach upset, when consumed excessively. Taking half or one bitter kola a day is okay for your body.

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