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The UK is Offering COVID-19 Patients Up To 240,000 Naira To Join Vaccine Trials

Over the past few weeks the UK has seen an enormous rise in coronavirus infection rate as well of the number of deaths. In an effort to battle the pandemic, British scientists had already started working on a potential COVID-19 vaccine which was initially supposed to start testing in September.

The Oxford University team's experimental product, called "ChAdOx1 nCoV-19", is a type known as a recombinant viral vector vaccine and is one of at least 70 potential COVID-19 candidate shots under development by biotech and research teams around the world.

As it stands, Imperial College London and University Hospital Southampton has asked people to take part in some of the first human tests to discover whether a potential inoculation is effective in tackling the deadly disease. And those who take part in the trial could get between $190 to $625 for their time. The Metro reports.

The vaccine is the first British-made vaccine to go into real-world trials. Researchers hope a vaccine could be the key to controlling Covid-19 and taking the country out of lockdown sooner. Other countries looking in are praying that this shines a light on the pandemic.

Imperial Medicine tweeted its own call for volunteers, and said: ‘The Imperial College NHS Trust are looking for healthy volunteers to participate in a #COVID19 #vaccine trial, for which they will receive up to £190-£625 reimbursement for time, travel and contribution to the trial.

The trial will take six months and is limited to a small number of people so scientists can assess whether it is safe and effective without using huge amounts of resources as each patient must return for between four and 11 visits after the jab.

All eyes are turned towards the UK as they may be on the verge of bringing this nightmare to an end. 

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