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Home Remedies You Can Use To Get Rid Of Bitter Taste After Illness

Most of the time, our body is trying to combat bad cells, and as a result, our taste buds are affected, and every item we consume may taste a little bitterer than usual, or we may not have the appetite to eat at all. After you've been sick, try a handful of these home cures to help you regain your sense of taste. 

1. Consume a lot of protein 

Protein-rich foods, such as beans, chicken, fish, eggs, lean pork, lean beef, and dairy products, will aid in the improvement of your taste buds.

2. Consume foods that high in zinc

Foods high in zinc, such as dark chocolate, broccoli, okra, spinach, shellfish, oysters, and oats, should be included in your diet since they contain neuropeptides that aid to stimulate food intake and improve your taste buds. 

3. Make sure you eat enough fruits. 

Eating fruits on a daily basis benefits the human body system and aids in the recovery of taste buds after illness. It's no surprise that doctors suggest eating a lot of fruits when sick and afterward. Fruits such as oranges, pawpaw, strawberries, lemons, bananas, and others should be included.

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