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Estimate to raise 50 broilers for 6 weeks to reach 2.5kg body weight (opinion)

1. Feed first because 80% the cost of raising poultry (broiler) from start to finish is on feed.

For a broiler to attain average 2.5kg body weight it will consume 5kg feed for a period of 6 weeks. So 5kg × 50 birds = 250kg total feed

A bag of feed comes in 25kg and costs N4000, so dividing 250kg by 25kg = 10bags × N4,000= N40,000.

2. 1 broiler chick is N270 × 50 birds = N13,500.

3. 6 feeders and 6 drinkers at N350 each = 12 × N350 = N4,200.

4. For total medication and vaccination (glucose, multivitamin, antibiotics, anti coccidiosis, lasota vaccine × 3, gumboro vaccine ×1) = N5,000.

Total cost = N40,000+N13,500+N4,200+N5,000 = N62,700.

With good management practices, assuming a mortality rate of 4% you will be left with 48 birds if you sell each for N2,500 at 2.5kg each = 48 × N2500 = N120,000.

Profit = N120,000 - N62,700= N57,000.

In just 6 weeks.

This estimate covers just the cost of raising broiler birds, feed and appliances included. The estimate is not with the cost of housing or cage, you can use an abandoned cage or empty building while doing some structural adjustments. If you want to use a deep litter system an avarage sized room in a house or uncompleted building will suffice and it should be free of theft. 

Raising your birds, the first 10days is critical as they will require 18-24 hours light and heat for feeding and development. Make sure you get your chicks from a reputable hatchery.

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