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If you want to live longer, See Bad Habits you must Stop

There are habits you need to stop that is killing you slowly. These behaviors can destroy your physical and emotional well-being. You need to ask yourself if those bad habits is contributing any meaningful thing in your life so check out these Bad habits you must stop;

•Stop living to please people;

This was one of the habits I was into before I got out of it. living to please others will only drain you emotionally, physically and financially so please stop it to avoid story that touches the heart.

•Stop Gossiping;

Gossiping will only promote anxiety, depression, and eating disorder. Gossiping can also cause calamities in your life and in the life of others.

•Stop Masturbating;

Many youths today are into masturbation and it is really destroying lives and relationships. Masturbation also causes low self-esteem and other health related issues for men and women so, if you are into it stop. This are ways to stop Masturbation;

- Quit watching adult movies

- Always stay busy never stay idol

- Be determined to stop

- Don't waste time in bathrooms if possible bath cold water

- Do not forget to pray

•Stop Smoking;

Like they say smokers are liable to die young but many youths and adults even children are into it which has led to so many deaths. heart and and lounges issues also comes when you smoke too much so Stop it now before it leads to your death.

•Stop Premarital Sex;

Premarital sex is also dangerous it leads to diseases such as STD(sexually transmitted disease) in both male and female premarital sex will also destroy your life.

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