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The African Star Apple,vIts Superstitious Belief In Igbo Land

The western part of Africa has being blessed with fruits such as the African star apple fruit. its such a sweet fruit that one can't stop enjoying. Its season runs from the month of December down to march. The milky juice that comes out of it when squeezed or sucked is not only satisfying like the chewable skin, it comes with some wonderful health benefits.

Its Benefits Includes

As many people know, the benefits of vitamin C include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease and even ageing of the skin. The African star apple is a wonderful source of vitamin C, with 25 mg of vitamin C per 100 gram of fruit.

You would be more successful finding this fruit in Nigeria if you call it Agbalumo(Yoruba) or Udara (Igbo). Some people also call it"African cherry"

The African Star Apple is a fruit native to West Africa and is particularly prolific in Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Togo and Ghana

The Igbo's superstitious belief of the African star apple

It is believed in Igbo land that such fruit is a fruit of multiplication,addition considering the multiple nature of the fruit. With such belief,the fruit is planted visually in every compound in any Igbo family those days of our fore fathers to attract babies to their homes.

Most especially families who are looking for the fruit of the womb.

The African star apple tree is not a tree that one climbs to pluck fruits from in the Igbo settings. you can only get access to it when it falls on its own but nowadays those norms are no longer kept sacred.

Its one of the commonest fruits you can see in Igbo land. In some parts of Igbo land,it is not to be sold because of the belief its a free gift of nature from their "Chi"(god).

It is believed that those who holds on to this belief has being seeing the good effect of the fruit in the number of children they give birth to, at free will.

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