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How To Control Diabetes And Live Healthy.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body is unable to convert glucose into energy necessary for the body. A systematic disease caused by a deficiency of insulin, a hormone production by specialized cells in the pancreas. It is referred to as a silent killer as it can develop without symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage.

Common symptoms include frequent urination, increased thirst and appetite, fatigue and weight loss, blurred vision, sores that heal slowly, numbness in the hands and feet. There is no restoration power in the insulin injection, the end is insulin coma or hypogly-cemic shock.

How to control diabetes

It is a blessing for a diabetic to live on fruit diet such as orange, pawpaw, banana, apples, etc for about 6 weeks or more. Never discard totally starchy foods; the body needs them. Carbohydrate foods such as yam, plantain, cocoyam unpolished brown rice when eaten with simple and natural vegetable stew prepared with garlic and onion is a blessing for diabetic. The stew should be simple, with little salt and oil, unrefined sea salt is better. Meat should not appear in what you eat. Don't use red hot pepper; instead use more onions and garlic.

Rules on how to control diabetes.

1. Friut diet with brown bread and soya milk is the best food for all diabetic patients.

2. Carbohydrate foods such as rice, yam, plantain, and others eaten with vegetable stew will be a blessing.

3. Add garlic to whatever vegetable food you eat to stimulate the blood immune response.

4. Soya beans coffee and soya milk should be taken often(three times a day). And take lemon diluted in warm water every morning.

5. Avoid the use of refined white sugar and its product like ice cream, cakes, sweets, etc.

6. Do not eat meat of all kinds and saturated fatty foods that give a lot of cholesterol. These include cow milk, eggs (yoke), butter, pork, cheese, all animal fats, palm and coconut oil.

7. Use little honey for sweetening and brown bread and brown rice.

8. Avoid night eating; this is the main problem.

9. Do not take tea and coffee; they contain caffeine which is harmful to the body.

10. Do a lot of exercise, especially walking.

11. Have enough rest when the body is taxed for so long.

12. Dandelion plant, down from the root to the leaves is another best source of insulin. Add some of the leaves in stew and soup; use some raw with tomatoes, onions and garlic as salad; dry some and make tea of it. The root can be boiled and drunk too.

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