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Man ordered for pizza but got this delivered to him instead

When ordering for something online one need to be very careful. A man has taken to Twitter to explain what happened to him when he ordered for pizza online.

There are reasons why some people hardly order things online. This is because when they go out to get things, and when they are given the wrong thing, they check and return it instantly. Well, some are so used to ordering online and they are good at it. They hardly make mistake when ordering online.

For this man,he ordered for pizza but another thing was delivered to him entirely. He shared the story online that we should see what was delivered to him when he ordered for pizza online.

Though we won't blame those that delivered the goods. He might have ordered for it himself thinking it was pizza and when it was delivered,he met what he didn't expect inside.

In a way that's why it's good to get something yourself from the store or anywhere you want to buy things, instead of ordering for it.

I had to blur the image.

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