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Women: Boost Your Ovulation And Get Pregnant Easily With These 3 Powerful Ingredients

God has saddled man with the sole purpose of procreating and after marriage, it is expected that the woman should be expecting but Unfortunately some natural and spiritual forces has made it difficult for some women to carry their baby.

It is the plan of God for everybody to be happy in their marriages but when yours is filled with sorrow due to inability to have a child, you have to give it a second thought. Infertility has affected a lot of women today for one reason or the other and that is what I am here to address.

Herbs are very wonderful but ignorance has kept a lot of people from harnessing its power. Any woman struggling with infertility should try these recipes below and see the results.

You will need.

1.    Okra.

2.    Guava leaves.

3.    Aidan

How to prepare

1.    Make the three ingredients available.

2.    Wash the guava leaves thoroughly to remove hidden dirt.

3.    Cut the Aiden into some tiny pieces.

4.    Wash the Aiden you have sliced with some quantity of water.

5.    Pour these two ingredients into a pot of water and boil very well.

6.    Leave the pot on fire until the water becomes brownish.

7.    Sieve out the juice and pour it into a bottle.

Hot to take.

Take one cup of it first thing in the morning before you eat and late in the night before bed.


Warm this juice before you take and it should be taken during your menstrual period.

For the okra.

1.    Take like 7 piece of okra, wash thoroughly and slice into tiny pieces.

2.    Soak the okra pieces in a container and cover it very well for a day.

3.    After about 24 hours, filter out the liquid.

How to take.

Drink twice daily, before breakfast and after dinner.


Start drinking this recipe after your menstruation is over.

Remember that these recipes will not be the one to produce the semen so get intimate with your husband as you take the herbal mixture.

Content created and supplied by: dewiseforlife (via Opera News )

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