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Three set of people you should include in your life

Good day guys, I am here to pour out my mind, please kindly click on the follow button at the top right corner for more fantastic essays.

I have seen a lot of people live, I learned a lot about people experiences. Though only God can see us through in all our doings buts we need a lawyer Doctor and a law enforcement agent, preferably a Police. Here are the reasons


In our personal lives, we need a legal backup because in one or the other you might find yourself in an argument that may cost a lot. A lawyer backs you up according to the law of the state.


In life one of the things, you must take seriously is health because health is wealth. You need a regular check-up. That is why some die at a very young age because they don't know what is getting on in their body enforcement agencies(police)

This applies to celebrities but it is very good to be close to a Police or an Army, it gives you an head over violation of rights.

What do you think, You can drop your ideas in the comment box.

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