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Meet The 23 Year Old Man That Looks Like A Baby(Photos)

The world is filled with so many kinds of people, with everyone having something that makes them unique. Most people grow to look and become older both physically and mentally but the case of a few persons have turned out to be entirely different. Though most of these people are naturally born that way, some are as a result of unusual health conditions. Today we are going to be looking at one of those people.

A 23-year-old man named Manpreet Singh has been living like a child as he stopped growing since he was a year old. Weighing not more than 4.4kg, Manpreet had not even began to walk or talk as a toddler before he stopped growing. 

He was born in India in the year 1995 and when his parents became aware of their son's unusual situation they took him to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that he had hormonal syndrome and told them his condition could be treated. However, after a series of medication Manpreet still never grew in size, height or weight.

After 23 years of still being cared for as a little baby, Manpreet's young parents grew tired of his problem and took him to live with their old uncle and his wife.

23 year old Manpreet also has problems with speaking, so he mostly communicates through sign language.

The young old man is loved by most members of their community as he usually goes to pray at the temple in their village and is also reverenced as a demi-god. Below are more photos of Manpreet Singh.

Manpreet Singh with his uncle and his wife:

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