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The Check Out Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Eating African Salad (abacha)

African Salad also called (abacha) is a typical Nigerian delicacy enjoyed mainly by the Igbo speaking communities that live in the eastern part of Nigeria.

It is prepared with fermented cassava, palm oil, crawfish, onions, pepper, African oil beans,fish or meat, eggplant, garden egg leaves and utazi leaves. It is served during ceremonies in many Nigerian communities.

Many people like to enjoy this popular delicacy every afternoon as their lunch.

What are the health benefits of enjoying this popular Nigerian delicacy? Could there be some risks?

To start with, abacha is a nutritious food that has the following health benefits.

1 It is nutrients densed.

Abacha contains important nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, B and C.

2. Abacha Can help to improve your vision.

Abacha contains vitamin A from the palm oil used to prepare it. Vitamin A is essential for the eye health.

3. It may help to protect the heart.

Utazi that is used in preparation of Africa salad is good for the heart.

4. May boost your skin health.

Vitamin A contained in abacha is an important nutrient that support skin health .

5. It is loaded with antioxidants.

African Salad also called abacha contains some antioxidants from fresh onions and utazi and garden eggs. Antioxidants are substances gotten from food which protects the body from free radicals produced during , metabolism.

6. May contain B complex vitamins.

The combination of ingredients such as garden egg, utazi, crawfish and fish makes the food a good source of B complex vitamins.

7. May help to prevent bone loss.

Abacha is good for women because it can help to prevent bone loss. Bone loss is a problem many women encounter as they grow older as a result of lack of calcium and phosphorus.

Side effects.

There is no inherent side effects from eating abacha but as applicable to all foods abacha may be contaminated during preparation. So you should prepare it yourself or make sure you buy it from a descent producer.

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