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Alex's Death : "The System killed him not the Doctor", Dental Council Issue Official Statement

Following the events of the past few days, regarding the complications and death of a Student during a Dental Procedure. The Nigerian Dental Association has released a press statement, clarifying the incident


On Friday 30th January, 2020 a viral video was brought to our attention about a young man who lost his life following complications of a Dental anesthesia at General Hospital, Kashere Gombe state. 

We will like to express our deepest regrets and condolences to the affected family and friends of the deceased . However, contrary to circulating news that he was attended to by a Dental surgeon, we can confirm that the anesthesia was administered by a Dental therapist who ordinarily was not qualified to administer such treatments. 

The Dental team comprises of Dental surgeons (Doctors) and other support staff like the Therapists, technologists and Nurses. All have their specific job descriptions and are not expected to over step their line of duties. Anesthesia is a procedure that should only be administered by qualified Dental Surgeons .

Alex lost his life due to a failure in our Health system, reports reaching us suggest that the Dental surgeon attached to that hospital was on leave. The therapist saw the gap and decided to over step. An action we strongly frown against. 

The issue has been taken up by the appropriate authorities and measures are being put in place to ensure such never repeats itself. Once again we commiserate with the family and friends of Alex and will ensure that we go to all lengths to ensure some measure of comfort for the family by making sure justice is served. 

We use this medium to encourage members of the general public to seek care from qualified Dentists only as many quacks parade themselves to gullible clients. 

Dr Eshikena .E

NDA President

Content created and supplied by: DrJohnAfam (via Opera News )

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