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Are You Suffering From Infection? This Is What You Need To Do To Be Free Like A Bird.

What is infection?

Infection is said to have occurred when microorganisms invade the human body and cause disease. This microorganism can be bacteria, fungi, or virus.

Like every other human being, a woman might have faced one infection or the other in her life time. Yes, but that is not the aim of this article. This article aims to raise awareness on vaginal infection and tell you want you need to do to be free like a bird from this disturbing condition.

A higher percentage of women must have encountered this infection in one period of their life. I know how this infection can be discomforting, the itch, the pain. You probably want to visit the hospital but you don't know how you will open your mouth and narrate to a doctor what the problem is. You are scared he or she might ask you questions you wouldn't want to answer. Are you in any of these situation? Don't worry I will put you through on what to do, just patiently read through?

Causes of vaginal infection

Like I have said earlier, what causes infection is microorganisms and vaginal infection is not an exception. There are things that can put you at risk of getting infection and they include:

1. Reduced female private part acidity:

normally, the pH of your private part is acidic. There are microorganisms that live in this acidic environment and help to fight infection. If the environment becomes basic, then they can't fight anymore and other microorganisms begin to grow and multiply and cause infection.

2. Poor hygiene:

When the private part area is not kept clean, the number of bacteria increases causing infection. Wearing sanitary pad for long hours its not advisable, always change it.

3. Tight underwear:

wearing tight underwear traps moist and microorganisms tend to grow more in moist environment.

4. Wiping from back to front: this is a wrong practice. You should wipe from front to back. The private part is cleaner than the anus, when you clean from back to front you carry microorganisms from the anus to the private part. This can lead to infection.

5. Intimacy: intimacy is one of the most popular mode of transmitting vaginal infections. So its important to keep to one partner and practice safe 's3x'.

How do I know I have infection:

Infection of the the private part comes with abnormal discharge from the genital organ. Normally this discharge should be white or cloudy but with no smell. When you notice that the discharge is colored and have a foul smell, you need to visit the hospital because something is wrong. This abnormal discharge is also accompanied with itching, redness of the area, pain while urinating. If you notice any of these don't fail to go to the hospital.

Do These To Prevent/Treat Vaginal Infection.

1. Keep the vagina area clean and dry to help prevent infections, do not wash with harsh soap but mild soap and water. Always keep dry.

2. During menstruation an pregnancy, your hormones are high and they reduce the acidity of the vagina, so you become more prone to get infected. During this period change your sanitary pad always to help prevent infection.

3. Wipe from front to back to avoid contaminating the female private part.

4. Practice safe 's3x' and limit the number of partners you have.

5. If you get signs of having infection, don't just take any drug of your choice, go to the hospital to be tested so that the right drug be given to you. Drinking any drug of choice can put you in more danger as that particular drug might not be attacking the right microorganism causing the infection. This can lead to more infection.

6. If you are treating infection, your partner should also treat himself because there are tendency that the microorganisms are settled in your partner's genital organ which may lead you to more infection after sexual intercourse.

7. Please always complete the dose the doctor prescribed for you, don't just leave it saying the infection is no longer there. If not the infection will rebound and become resistance to the drug.

8. Most drugs the doctor might prescribe, might have to be inserted into your genital organ. Always wash your hand before doing that so as not to contaminate your organ the more.

What has been your experience, do share with us. Remember, don't be shy to visit the hospital and give the doctor the correct information so that you would be treated rightly and be free like a bird.

Kindly like and share.

Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: NurseAdaku (via Opera News )


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