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Advice of medical experts on what to do when cough keeps you awake through out the night

Prolonged coughs tend to worsen at night. It's possible to get some rest even if a cough is keeping you up. According to WebMD, the things medical experts advice you should o when cough keeps you awake throughout the night are briefly explained below.

1. Put some pillows under your knees and try to prevent coughing for a while; you could be able to get some rest that way. Few more pillows or a recliner may be all that's needed for some people to get a good night's rest. Give it a shot for several nights; you never know if it won't help.

2. If you're coughing, sipping on something hot might help. If you're experiencing dryness in your nasal passages and upper respiratory system, try drinking hot tea with lemon juice and honey. But you shouldn't drink caffeinated teas because they'll keep you awake.

3. If the air from your ceiling fan, radiator, or air conditioner is blowing in your face while you sleep, you may want to consider rearranging your bedroom.

4. Humidifiers work by adding moisture to the air, which may alleviate coughing. That's what cool-air humidifiers are for, because without the heat of steam, you could get burned. You may avoid mold growth by keeping the humidifier clean and dry at all times.

5. Certain coughs can be temporarily alleviated with numbing compounds like benzocaine, allowing you to obtain a good night's sleep.

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